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Jufferweg - in Brauneberg on the Moselle

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  • Blick auf die Mosel und die Simultankirche Brauneberg
    / Blick auf die Mosel und die Simultankirche Brauneberg
    Photo: TI Brauneberg
  • / Berühmte Mosel-Weinlage: Brauneberger Juffer
    Photo: TI Brauneberg
  • / Juffer Sonnenuhr: inmitten der Weinberge
    Photo: TI Brauneberg
  • / Rieslingtraube Brauneberger Juffer
    Photo: Ferienland Bernkastel-Kues
  • / Römerkelter Brauneberg
    Photo: Mosel-Gäste-Zentrum Bernkastel-Kues
  • / Brauneberger Sonnenuhr: Ziel im Moselurlaub
    Photo: Ferienland Bernkastel-Kues
  • / Jufferweinlage
    Photo: Arnoldi, Ferienland Bernkastel-Kues
  • / Weinblätter
    Photo: Zimmermann, Ferienland Bernkastel-Kues
m 400 300 200 100 6 5 4 3 2 1 km Römische Kelteranlage Brauneberg Grill- und … (Juffer)
The famous vineyard "Brauneberger Juffer" is the inspiration for this hike along the Moselle. The tour leads through the vineyards - and the Moselle is always in sight!
7 km
1:36 h
172 m
172 m
The circular trail is high above the Moselle - just opposite the village of Brauneberg.The hiking trail passes under the "Brauneberger Sonnenuhr". Sundials are a striking feature and an award for the best vineyards of the Moselle. Next to the sundial there is also a weather station. This regularly measures the warmest temperatures in the country in the vineyard "Brauneberger Juffer". Usually the associated vineyards are named after the village, in Brauneberg it is the other way round. Because until 1925 the village was called Dusemond.Insights into the hiking tour:The Brauneberg Jufferweg offers a wonderful panorama and fascinating views of the Middle Moselle. It leads through the vineyards and is easy to hike. In addition to magnificent views, the historic Roman wine presses are a particular highlight of this hike.On the way there are no stops along the way, but there is a nice hut with a great view!

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Updated: November 05, 2020
Highest point
Moselhöhenweg, 251 m
Lowest point
Moselbrücke/Mülheim an der Mosel, 122 m
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Safety information

The path is suitable for families and prams, hiking or trekking shoes are sufficient.

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Ferienland Bernkastel-Kues
Gestade 6
54470 Bernkastel-Kues
Tel. (0049) 6531/50019-0

Tourist information Brauneberg
Moselweinstr. 101
54472 Brauneberg
Tel. (0049) 6534/933333


Hiker's car park on Brauneberg, on the opposite side of the Moselle from Brauneberg (225 m)
49.916489, 6.997426
49°54'59.4"N 6°59'50.7"E
32U 356237 5531268


Hiker's car park on Brauneberg, on the opposite side of the village of Brauneberg

Turn-by-turn directions

The hiker's car park on Brauneberg - on the opposite side of the Moselle to the village of the same name - is located in the middle of the forest and is the starting point of this hike. Along vineyard paths you walk parallel to the edge of the forest over the Brauneberg towards Osann-Monzel. On the way you will have a beautiful view over the Moselle loops and the wine village Brauneberg. Short question: What do Brauneberg and Pisa have in common?  The leaning tower! You can see it from the current position in the vineyards. Not only the pleasant temperatures make Brauneberg a holiday resort with Mediterranean flair. With its remarkable 96 cm inclination, the tower of the parish church of St. Remigius, built in 1776/77, also needs no comparison with its famous cousin in Pisa, Italy. As in Pisa, the erroneous analysis of the underground was also the cause of the subsequent tilting in Brauneberg. With its striking onion dome it is the only one of its kind in the entire Moselle region. And the use of the parish church as a so-called Simultaneum (simultaneous church) is also unique in the holiday region: Catholics and Protestants have been using the church together since it was built.On the sun-drenched hiking trail through the Juffer vineyard you will reach a flagpole after about 3 km - in the middle of the vineyards. From here you can enjoy a view of the "wine village with a view" Osann-Monzel. At this crossroads, the trail turns left into an underlying vineyard path. This leads you under the "Brauneberger sundial". The sundials from the late Middle Ages - symbol of only a few top vineyards - are a guarantee for the outstanding quality of the wines. The Brauneberger Sonnenuhr is the only sundial that changes from summer to winter time. Next to this sundial is the ARD weather station: here the record temperature of 41.2 °C was measured in the shade on August 11, 1998.After 4 kilometres follow the Rebherz signs and take a slightly sloping vineyard path to the right around the bend. At the next bend, the path winds to the left towards the Roman wine press. The trail now runs through the vineyards, parallel to the main road along the Moselle. The Romans called the sweet mountain - Dulcis mons - the mountain range in Brauneberg, at the foot of which the wine press plant is located: a beautiful place for a rest. The most famous vineyard of the village - and one of the most renowned on the Moselle - owes its name to it: Brauneberg Juffer. In the course of the land consolidation work, two Roman wine presses were discovered: the press, which was later found, almost mirror-inverted to the first one, was renovated in the 1990s and rebuilt in its original state. The stone on the wine press tree is still the original stone. It is one of the oldest wine presses north of the Alps. With the excavation and restoration of the facilities in the wine villages of Piesport and Erden, it has been scientifically proven that the oldest Roman wine press facilities north of the Alps are located on the Middle Moselle. So the cradle of wine growing in Germany is here: on the Middle Moselle! After a small refreshment you go back in the direction of Mülheimer Brücke. Here an ascending road, with three jagged bends, leads you back to the starting point: the hiking hut on the Brauneberg.


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Public transport,,

Bernkastel-Kues: Taxi Edringer: (0049) 6531 - 8149, Taxi Priwitzer: (0049) 6531 - 96970, Taxi Reitz: (0049) 6531 - 6455

Neumagen-Dhron: Taxi Kreusch (0049) 6507 - 2493

Getting there

Coming from Bernkastel-kues, follow the L147 through Lieser in the district Kues. Directly behind the bridge a forest road leads right over into Brauneberg. Follow the road to the hiker's hut. There you will find a parking lot for hikers.


Hiker's car park on Brauneberg, on the opposite side of the Moselle from Brauneberg


49.916489, 6.997426
49°54'59.4"N 6°59'50.7"E
32U 356237 5531268
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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All hiking trails in the Bernkastel-Kues holiday region are available in the WanderGuide. This brochure is available at all tourist information offices in the Ferienland. Also online:

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WanderGuide - the hiking guide in the Bernkastel-Kues holiday region. With description and map.  (Only available in german)


Hiking boots are not absolutely necessary. However, if you are out and about in summer, use sunscreen. During the tour through the sunny vineyards shade is in short supply.

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Monika Schäfer-Egner
January 10, 2021 · Community
Schöner Weg oberhalb der Mosel , da zu 95 % Asphalt auch im Winter und mit Kinderwagen gut zu Wandern .Viele schön Einblicke ins Moseltal ,Mühlheim ,Veldenz Hunsrück, Osann,Monzel Kesten Brauneberg Lieser Eifel usw. kann man auch bei trübem Wetter sehen. Schöne Rastplätze .
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Completed this Route on January 08, 2021
Wetherbygirl Trevererin
November 02, 2015 · Community
Gut ausgeschildert, ca. 95% Asphalt - einfach zu gehender und schöner Weg durch die Weinberge, leider mit Nebengeräuschen der Straße
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Completed this Route on November 01, 2015
Startpunkt am Wanderparkplatz
Photo: Wetherbygirl Trevererin, Community
Blick auf Brauneberg
Photo: Wetherbygirl Trevererin, Community

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Startpunkt am Wanderparkplatz
Blick auf Brauneberg

7 km
1:36 h
172 m
172 m
Loop Scenic Family friendly Suitable for strollers


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